• Banco Consolidado:  Review of the legal information of the Data Room: 1997.
  • Banco República:  integral legal audit as a preparatory phase for the privatization process: 1997.
  • C.A. La Electricidad de Caracas: Legal review for a possible issue of GDRS: 1992.
  • State Electric Power Company of the State of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil: assistance during the entire privatization process: 1997.
  • Custravalca: Participation in the team of consultants in charge of reviewing the Data Room’s legal information: 1997.
  • Empresa Eléctrica de Guatemala: review of the legal information in the Data Room in said company’s privatization process: 1998.
  • Empresa Energía del Pacífico E.S.P. (EPSA) (Electric company of Cali, Colombia). Review of legal aspects contained in the Data Room, during said company’s privatization process: 1997.
  • Emevé Publicidad, C.A.: Legal audit on corporate and tax matters: 1996.
  • Privatization of Cement Assets, located in the State of Trujillo: assistance in the entire privatization process. Review of legal aspects in Data Room: 1997.
  • Privatization of electric power distributing utilities in El Salvador: Assistance in the entire privatization process. Review of legal aspects in Data Room: 1998.
  • Privatization of the Caracas Race Track.
  • Telecomunicaciones Bantel, C.A.: Review of legal information in Data Room. 1997. 
  • Legal due diligence of the labor area of Banco de Venezuela (1998).
  • Termocartagena, S.A. (Electric power utility of Cartagena, Colombia): Review of legal information in said company’s Data Room: 1996


  • Corporate advise and judicial services to the following banks: Banco de Venezuela, Banco Caracas, Banco  Unión and Banco República.
  • Advise to the following financial and insurance companies: Federación Venezolana de Ahorro y Préstamo; La Vivienda E.A.P.; Seguros La Seguridad; Banco Hipotecario de Crédito  Urbano and Seguros Horizonte.


Assistance and advise on labor collective bargaining of the following companies:
  • Venezolana Internacional de Aviación (VIASA)
  • Productos EFE
  • C. A. La Electricidad de Caracas
  • C.A. Editora El Nacional
  • Centro Médico de Caracas
  • Universidad Católica Andrés Bello
  • Banco Hipotecario de Crédito Urbano
  • C.A. Luz Eléctrica de Venezuela
  • C.A. Electricidad de Guarenas y Guatire
  • Hilana, C.A.
  • Textilana, C.A.
  • Autotex de Venezuela, C.A.
  • Seguros Horizonte

    Complete assistance and advice in labor matters, including collective bargaining, resolution of internal problems and litigation with respect to the following corporations:
  • Banco de Venezuela, C.A.
  • Transbanca
  • Companies belonging to the so called “Grupo Editorial Cadena Capriles” 


  •  Participation in the making, drafting and review of draft statutes and sub-legal rules to conform the regulatory framework  for the electric sector in Venezuela. Within this area, it is worth mentioning the preparation on behalf of Cámara Venezolana de la Industria Eléctrica (CAVEINEL) of the draft of an electric sector statute.
  • Assistance to Cámara Venezolana de la Industria Eléctrica (CAVEINEL) on the most varied issues related to electric power.
  • Advise in the matter of the financing of electric projects and assistance in negotiating the restructuring of the private foreign debt.
  • Advise on tax issues.
  • Counsel for the sector’s companies in trials for damages from accidents. Clients: C.A. La Electricidad de Caracas, CADAFE and ENELVEN.
  • Counsel for the sector’s companies in trials for expropriation or imposition of electric rights of way. Clients: C.A. La Electricidad de Caracas and Genevapca.
  • Corporate advise in all related to the placement of said companies’ securities in domestic and foreign capitals markets. Client:  C.A. La Electricidad de Caracas.
  • Advise on the matter of tariffs, as wells as acting as judicial counsel for said sector’s companies in trials related to the validity of the tariffs system.
  • Legal advise and assistance to the company CVG Electrificación del Caroní (EDELCA) in the negotiation and termination of construction agreements for stages 1 and 2 of the Raúl Leoni Dam (GURI).
  • Permanent corporate, managing and judicial assistance and advise to C.A. La Electricidad de Caracas, S.A.C.A. and its affiliate companies during twenty years.
  • Legal Assistance and advise to GENERACION DE VAPOR, C.A. (GENEVAPCA) in the bidding process for the construction of a power and steam plant for the long term supply to MARAVEN S.A.(a subsidiary of PDVSA), as well as the negotiation of the agreements entered with GENEVAPCA and MARAVEN and GENEVAPCA and the Consortium formed by United Engineers and Westinghouse.
  • Studies and reports on the electric sector’s tariff and regulatory aspects, with special reference to Decree #1558 of October 30, 1996, and on the draft of the Organic Law for the Electric Service.
  • Legal assistance to ENELVEN in complaints for damages.
  • Acting as judicial counsel for CADAFE in labor and civil trials.
  • Acting as judicial counsel for ENELBAR in contentious-administrative proceedings.


The Firm has featured in an active judicial defense of its clients’ rights and interests, having participated in numerous trials, of which we mention just a few:
  • Judicial and corporate coordination of the defense system against the intended hostile takeover of Banco de Venezuela.
  • Counsel for the Nader family in the trial related to its equity participation in the Duncan and Titan companies.
  • Coordination and representation as defense counsel for C.A. La Electricidad de Caracas, in the trials for damages resulting from the Tacoa accident (years 1985 through 1997), as well as in trials for damages resulting from its operational activity.
  • Representation of six of the children of Mr. Miguel Angel Capriles and Mrs. Carmen López in the complex estate trials related to the companies of the so-called Cadena Capriles.
  • Counsel to a group of partners in trials related to the business of Opticas Berl in Venezuela.
  • Counsel for the Wilson and Montejaque group in trials related to the acquisition of the El Moro and Cervantes chains of stores.
  • Sobrevila v. Strelow case.
  • Representation as defense counsel for the Polar Group in the trial initiated by Cervecería Regional.
  • Representation of Togewa Swissnet Company in the trials between the shareholders of Digitel. 
  • Representation of Corporación Televen, C.A., in several trials, including the proceedings filed by the Attorney General of the Republic (Fiscalía General) against all the national broadcast television stations for the alleged violation of the Children and Youngsters Protection Law and the Telecommunications Law. 
  • Representation of Unibox, C.A., in the arbitration processes against Inmocines. 
  • Representation of Venevision in the intellectual property trials against Delia Fiallo.


  • Advise on tax matters.
  • Tax auditing.
  • National and international tax planning.
  • Drafting and handling of tax recourses.


  • Financial advise to Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) and Lagoven, S.A., a PDVSA subsidiary.


  • Advisory services to Vehicle resources for a Conatel concession.
  •  Advisory services to several affiliates of C.A. La Electricidad de Caracas, in the area of telecommunications, for the creation of concessions both at the domestic and the international level and the participation in outsourcing processes. 
  • General advisory services to the following media enterprises: Grupo Editorial Capriles (Cadena Capriles) and Corporación Televen, C.A.


Permanent legal assistance and advise to VIASA airline since its creation until 1984.
Permanent legal assistance and advise to AEROTECNICA S.A. since 1990 to this date.
Advisory services to AEROTEC AIRWAYS.
Advisory services to AVENSA since 1962 until 1979.


  • Takeover of the Banco de Venezuela (1992-1994).
  • Takeover of C.A. La Electricidad de Caracas (2000).
  • Tender offer of Mavesa, S.A. (2001)


  • E- contracts advise for KIA MOTORS
  • Developing of ISKIA e-store 
  • Analysis of factibility of e-operations for electrical companies.
  • Studies for “Sistema de Compra Programada Chevrolet C.A (Cheviplan) with respect to the scope and responsibilities of internet contents.